Our first product is now live and available to buy! In the course of our drivetrain investigations, we began to realise how frustrating it is that there’s no inexpensive, wide-range 1x option for road and gravel bikes – bikes with drop bar shifters. Right, you can easily spec your gravel bike with a 11-42 or 10-42 cassette, but why should you only be able to run the full 500% or 520% range on a mountain bike? You’re taking your gravel bike up some of the same climbs (or all of them if you’re feeling really adventurous) but you need the range at the other end to cruise down roads and tracks without spinning out. Not only that, but you could well be recruiting the same bike for touring and bike packing duties – why compromise on range?

True, you could throw on a double or triple chainset (plus the extra derailleur, cable to break, expensive shift lever). You’ll have to be prepared to take the hit on weight, and remember to watch out for cross-chaining. Oh, and check you have clearance for those extra rings. We love 1x – the simplicity, the ergonomics, ease of maintenance… Even the look, once you get over years of 53t chainrings.

We came up with a solution. We’ve put together a simple kit that allows you to take your existing SRAM 11 speed levers (hydraulic or cable brakes both work) and fit a 12 speed ratchet. With our simple cable fin modification – also included in the kit – this means your upgraded shifter can now run an Eagle™ derailleur: you can run a wide-range 1x drivetrain on your drop bar bike!

Currently, there are two points you need to check for kit compatibility. You need to make sure that your chain stay or seat stay cable stop is at least 70 mm from the centre of the dropout to keep the cable run smooth, and you need to use an Eagle™ derailleur from the GX™ group or above. Check out our product page for more details.

8 thoughts on “12 speed upgrade”

  1. I’m looking to upgrade to 12 speeds, but don’t necessarily need the range of an Eagle cassette/derailleur. Would the ratchet upgrade alone allow a standard, unmodified SRAM 1x road derailleur to work in combination with an 11-36 or 11-39 Rotor 12 speed cassette?

    1. Hi Gary. It looks like there are two parts to your question. Firstly, you can pair a SRAM 1x road derailleur with our upgraded shifter and achieve the correct shift positions for an Eagle 12 speed cassette. Our kits convert the Eagle derailleurs from X Actuation to Exact Actuation. As SRAM’s road derailleurs already use their Exact Actuation system, you can leave them unmodified.

      As for the Rotor cassette, I’m afraid we haven’t had a chance to check these in comparison with Eagle cassettes yet and so can’t officially recommend it. The system will shift well if the Rotor cassette shares the same sprocket positions as Eagle, but this isn’t necessarily a given; sprocket spacing often varies across the width of the cassette and this can differ between manufacturers. That said, I believe people have successfully mixed Rotor cassettes with Eagle drivetrains so I think there’s a good chance of it shifting well.

  2. Hi, do you guys have any plans on making an upgrade kit for mechanical Shimano 11spd shifters to 12 spd Shimano mtb deraileurs?

    1. Hi Vincent, we don’t at the moment. It is something we’d like to look into, but Shimano shifters are a lot less accessible for a home mechanic to modify and upgrade. They are a good deal more complex and a lot of the assemblies and sub-assemblies are permanently riveted together. I’m sorry we can’t be more positive!

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