If you are ordering from the European UNION CUSTOMS Union, please be aware of the following:

  1. You should be charged Import VAT at customs in the destination country.
  2. There may be an additional customs handling fee. This is normally small but may be up to €32 (in Belgium, for orders over €150).
  3. You may be charged further import duties (for example €10.70 in Belgium on an order worth €270).
  4. If your order includes SRAM components, you may be charged a 4.7% tariff on those parts.
  5. Your order may be delayed at customs in the destination country. This delay varies with country.
  6. Currently the longest delays seem to be for orders shipped to Germany via Royal Mail. These can be up to 4 weeks. If you want your parcel quicker we advise using the DHL Express shipping option.

We really value our European customers and apologise for the problems the UK has created.

More Information on Orders to the EU customs Union can be found here

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To reduce waste we will send orders of over 10 units as bagged kits with one set of instructions rather than individual kit boxes. You can find a PDF of the instructions on our website here . If you have ordered less than 10 kits but would also like to reduce the packaging of your bulk order or have any questions please contact us. Equally if you would like the full packaging for orders of 10+ kits drop us a line too.