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Can I use an Eagle chain on a SRAM road 12 speed cassette?

No – you’ll need SRAM’s Flattop chain. Despite both SRAM Eagle and SRAM Flattop chains being 12 speed, Eagle* chains are wider and have standard 7.7 mm rollers instead of the Flattop* 7.9 mm rollers. Using the wrong chain feels like you’re pedalling a bag of rocks (trust us, we’ve tried it).

Why can’t I fit the Rear Exit kit to my GX derailleur?

The Rear Exit Cable Stop replaces the cable pulley found on SRAM’s 1x mtb derailleurs. On higher-tier derailleurs, SRAM fits these with a bolt. However, on derailleurs up to and including GX* the pulley is fitted with a rivet. To remove the pulley, the rivet must first be drilled out with a 5 mm drill bit. We don’t recommend that you try this at home; it’s a dangerous operation that could result in permanent damage to your derailleur or you!

Can I use an Eagle chain on an 11 speed chainring?

Yes. If you don’t have a chainring yet then you should really choose a 12 speed model, but Eagle* chains will generally run fine on 1×11 chainrings. The teeth on these chainrings are around 0.1 mm wider when they’re new. This is enough to reduce the mud clearance but not enough to prevent the chain engaging properly. Additionally, if your 11 speed chainring is already worn it’s highly likely that it already has the same geometry as a 12 speed model.

Can I use a Force 1, Rival 1 or Apex 1 long cage rear derailleur with a 10-44t xplr cassette?

Yes. The listed maximum sprocket size for SRAM’s road 1x long cage derailleurs is 42t but this is quite conservative. We’ve tested the long cage derailleurs with the SRAM XPLR* 10-44t cassettes extensively and we’re happy to recommend this combination.

Can I use a Ratio upgrade kit with a Shimano Hyperglide+ 12 speed MTB cassette?

Our upgrade kits are designed specifically for SRAM Eagle compatible cassettes. SRAM & Shimano cassettes do not have constant spacing and, in two regions of the cassette, the deviation between them is large enough to cause clicking and ghost shifting. We’ve tried this combination and although some users may find it tolerable, we believe that you should keep that OEM feel when converting to wide range 1x.

Will there be a Ratio upgrade kit for shimano sti shifters?

Shimano shifters are very difficult to disassemble and contain lots of irreversibly fixed components (permanently riveted together rather than screwed or bolted). We’d really love to make a Shimano kit but don’t see it being practically possible in the near future.

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