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1×12 Wide Upgrade Kit + SRAM Apex Eagle Derailleur

This upgrade kit allows you to pair 11 speed (or 10 speed with a Ratio spool) mechanical SRAM shifters with a 12 speed SRAM Eagle* drivetrain. This is the neatest solution on the market, giving you all the performance advantages of a wide-range 1×12 drivetrain on a gravel, road or touring bike without the expense of electronic shifting.

The kit includes a SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur for 10-50t and 10-52t cassettes, which has been modified by us to feature a Ratio cable fin for Exact Actuation*. The SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur has a rear exit cable stop so this kit is compatible with all frame cable routing variations.

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As cyclists, we design the products we want on our bikes. The Ratio 12-Speed Upgrade Kit allows you to operate a SRAM Eagle* derailleur with your existing SRAM 11-speed shifters, gaining an unbeatable 500% or 520% range and 12 evenly spaced gears on your gravel, road or touring bike. For reference, a traditional 50/34 compact chainset with 11-28 cassette provides only 374% range.

In this kit you will find:

  1. SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur, pre-fitted with Ratio Cable Fin
  2. Ratio 12-speed ratchet with shift spacing specially designed for SRAM Eagle* derailleurs
  3. M2.5 screw for shifter ratchet replacement
  4. Ratio chainstay sticker

To use this kit you will need:

  1. SRAM 11-speed shifters from the Red*, Force*, Rival* or Apex* groups or the 10-speed S-700* shifters.
  2. A SRAM Eagle* 12 speed cassette. We can’t confirm that aftermarket cassettes will perform properly with your drivetrain
  3. A 12 speed chain for SRAM Eagle* drivetrains
  4. A 1×12 speed compatible chainring

The perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, the SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur has the robust aluminium construction and rolling element bearings of its higher-tier siblings without breaking the bank. This SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur is compatible with both 10-50t and 10-52t cassettes.

  • Fitted with our Ratio Cable Fin for compatibility with road shifters. The original SRAM X-Actuation* fin is also included with the derailleur
  • Rear Cable exit – compatible with all cable routing types
  • SRAM Cage Lock* is (one of) the best things since sliced bread. No more oily fingers – just engage the cage lock and you can easily remove and replace the wheel while staying stain-free
  • SRAM were the first on the scene with clutch derailleurs and still produce arguably the best clutch around. The maintenance-free roller bearing clutch keeps shifting smooth and chain slap to a minimum
  • The SRAM X-Horizon* cage is designed specifically for the chainline on 1x systems. The orientation of the actuating mechanism means that vertical vibrations aren’t translated into ghost shifts, making the drivetrain much more reliable over rough terrain

The SRAM Apex Eagle* derailleur in this kit is a SRAM derailleur that has been modified by Ratio Technology. All products we offer for sale on our website are Ratio Technology products unless stated otherwise. All third-party products, company names and logos remain the property of their respective holders and use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for hydraulic brakes, see the following video**:


To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for cable brakes, see the following video**:

NOTE: On some older shifters, the reach adjuster will not spin freely when it bottoms out. Stop turning the reach adjuster screw as soon as you encounter resistance.


* Ratio Technology Limited is not in any way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by SRAM, LLC.

DoubleTap®, eTap®, SRAM®,SRAM APEX®, SRAM EAGLE®, SRAM FORCE®, SRAM RED®, SRAM RIVAL®, X0®, X01®, XX1® are registered trade marks owned by SRAM, LLC. Eagle™, Exact Actuation™, GX™, NX™, SRAM APEX 1™, SRAM Force 1™, SRAM RIVAL 1™, S-series™, SX™, WiFLi™, X-Actuation™,  XD™, XDR™, XPLR™, XX™, Zero Loss™ are trademarks of SRAM, LLC.

** Please note that modifying these components may void the original SRAM warranty.

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Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 11.5 cm


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