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Garbaruk Derailleur Cage for SRAM 1x


Use Garbaruk’s SRAM derailleur cage to increase the maximum sprocket capacity of your SRAM 1x derailleur, converting a SRAM 1×11 derailleur with a 28t, 36t or 42t limit into a wide-range mech ready for 52t cassettes. If your derailleur is Exact Actuation, add a Ratio Cable Fin to use it with your road shifters.

If you’re not sure which kit or parts you need, please check our Kit Guide.

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This derailleur cage is equipped with Ratio nylon jockey wheels, running on stainless Enduro bearings, and is compatible with SRAM 1×11 derailleurs with Type 2.x and Type 3 clutches.

To fit the cage:

  1. Engage the Cage Lock on your derailleur
  2. Use a 3 mm hex to remove the cage end stop bolt
  3. Carefully remove the cage lock and allow the cage to rotate one full revolution
  4. Use a 3 mm hex to remove the main cage bolt
  5. Use the same bolt to fit your new cage
  6. Rotate the new cage one full revolution anticlockwise, viewed from the drive side
  7. Engage the cage lock and replace the cage end stop bolt

If your clutch is Type 3, use the forward end stop position. Otherwise, use the upper end stop position.



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