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SR52T Cage for SRAM Transmission

Use our SR52T cage as a replacement for your SRAM Transmission cage – the cross-braced structure is designed for stiffness, the form and chamfering help it deflect away from any obstacles and at 90g for the cage, it will reduce the weight of your SRAM GX* Transmission derailleur to less than all but the SRAM XXSL* model.

Compatible with SRAM Transmission GX*, XO*, XX* and XXSL*

The SR52T cage is designed to fit on your existing Transmission clutch.



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This SR52T cage for SRAM Transmission features 7075 aluminium plates and is available with or without Delrin jockey wheels, all machined in house by Ratio in the Lake District, UK. #madeinthelakes

The derailleur cage is compatible with SRAM Transmission derailleurs. For SRAM mechanical derailleurs, check out our SR52 Cage, and for non-Transmission Eagle electronic check out our SR52X Cage.

Designed as a replacement for damaged SRAM Transmission cages, fitting the Ratio cage to your SRAM GX* Transmission derailleur will reduce its weight to less than all but the SRAM XXSL* model. It comes pre-fitted with 14t upper and 16t lower jockey wheels, both spinning on sealed Enduro bearings. The jockey tooth profile builds on knowledge gained designing our Ratio Ring, and both jockeys also feature narrow-wide teeth for improved chain retention.

The SR52T features an angled lower jockey, aligning the lower span of chain with the chainring as the derailleur moves across the cassette. The structure and chamfering help it deflect away from any obstacles, meaning it it less prone to damage from rock strikes.

The cage is compatible with stock SRAM Transmission jockey wheels. If you would like to continue using your original jockeys, then please select the excluding jockey wheel option.

For information on how to install the cage, see our SR52T Cage instructions. Please note that modifying your SRAM derailleur may void the original SRAM warranty.


  • Cage material: 7075 aluminium
  • Jockeys: acetal thermoplastic
  • Bearings: Enduro stainless
  • Fixings: Black or silver stainless
  • Compatibility: SRAM Transmission GX*, XO*, XX* and XXSL*
  • Removal tool and spare cage bumper included
  • Weight: 90g

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Weight 200 g
Jockey Wheels


Cage Colour

Black, Silver


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