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12 speed Ratchets and Cable Spool Kit Guide

12 speed ratchets and cable spool

What’s it for?

Our 12 speed ratchets allow you to keep your 11 and 10 speed shifters up-to-date with the newest drivetrain tech. Our current range of upgrade ratchets consists of the 1×12 Wide ratchet (to shift SRAM Eagle* and similar cassettes) and the 12 Speed Road Road ratchet (to shift SRAM AXS* road 12 speed cassettes). Check our kit compatibility above for a complete list of cassettes. Both ratchets are designed for use in SRAM’s 11 speed road shifters, but they can also be fitted to older 10 speed shifters using our replacement Cable Spool.

ratchet compatibility:

  1. SRAM 11 speed road levers from the Red*, Force*, Rival* or Apex*
  2. SRAM 10 speed road levers with a red-coloured cable spool (including new shape S-Series* levers)
  3. SRAM 10 speed road levers with a Ratio cable spool fitted
  4. SRAM first generation 10 speed road levers – see note below

*AXS®, DoubleTap®, eTap®, SRAM®,SRAM APEX®, SRAM EAGLE®, SRAM FORCE®, SRAM RED®, SRAM RIVAL®, X0®, X01®, XX1® are registered trade marks owned by SRAM, LLC. Eagle™, Exact Actuation™, GX™, NX™, SRAM APEX 1™, SRAM Force 1™, SRAM RIVAL 1™, S-series™, SX™, WiFLi™, X-Actuation™,  XD™, XDR™, XPLR™, XX™, Zero Loss™ are trademarks of SRAM, LLC. The use of these trademarks in the table below is for informative purposes only, and all trademarks remain the property of SRAM, LLC.

The cable spool is the plastic part that holds your derailleur cable in the shifter. If it is red-coloured, you can fit our ratchet immediately; this is the case for all SRAM 11 speed road shifters and some newer SRAM ZeroLoss* 10 speed shifters including Red SB-RED-B1. If the cable spool is white in colour, you’ll need to replace it with our Cable Spool in order to fit our ratchet.

Note: Very old Force* and Rival* levers are not compatible with the cable spool and ratchet without some modifications. This is because the shift lever spring is too close to the ratchet, as can be seen in the image below. These shifter models can be identified by cursive logos and silver shift levers – and they are not very common! If you think you have these levers, feel free to get in touch before you commit to a kit.