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Cable Fin B Kit guide

cable fin B

What’s it for?

SRAM X Actuation* cable fin, adjusted for SRAM AXS/XPLR* sprocket spacing.

Use Ratio Cable Fin B to convert a SRAM 1x-specific derailleur to SRAM AXS/XPLR* spacing with SRAM X Actuation* shifters. This cable fin uses a variation of SRAM X Actuation* cable pull to allow you to use an Eagle-spaced 12 speed shifter (SRAM MTB, SRAM Apex 12 speed) with a SRAM AXS* or XPLR* cassette, which uses a different variation of 12 speed sprocket spacing.

If you need to convert your SRAM 1x-specific derailleur to SRAM Exact Actuation*, in order to use 10 or 11 speed road shifters, check out Cable Fin A.

The cable fin is secured with a circlip – we provide a spare in case the original makes a bid for freedom.

cable fin compatibility:

  1. SRAM Eagle derailleurs from the GX*, X01* and XX1* groups
  2. SRAM Apex Eagle
  3. SRAM 1×11 derailleurs (only if the existing cable fin is held on with a circlip)
  4. SRAM Eagle derailleurs from the NX* and SX* groups (the cable fin on these derailleurs is not replaceable)

*AXS®, DoubleTap®, eTap®, SRAM®,SRAM APEX®, SRAM EAGLE®, SRAM FORCE®, SRAM RED®, SRAM RIVAL®, X0®, X01®, XX1® are registered trade marks owned by SRAM, LLC. Eagle™, Exact Actuation™, GX™, NX™, SRAM APEX 1™, SRAM Force 1™, SRAM RIVAL 1™, S-series™, SX™, WiFLi™, X-Actuation™,  XD™, XDR™, XPLR™, XX™, Zero Loss™ are trademarks of SRAM, LLC. The use of these trademarks in the table below is for informative purposes only, and all trademarks remain the property of SRAM, LLC.