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Use this cable spool as a replacement part for 11 speed shifters, or to fit a Ratio Upgrade Kit to your SRAM 10 speed road shifters.

Please note that the cable spool is not required for newer models of 10 speed shifters; some of these shifters are already 11 speed compatible. For more information on compatibility and how to identify your shifter, check our guide.

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In combination with a Ratio 12 speed ratchet, the Ratio cable spool allows you to upgrade SRAM 10 speed road shifters to 12 speed. Additionally, the spool can be used as a replacement part for damaged SRAM 11 speed road shifters.

  • Don’t scrap your 10 speed shifters – upgrade them to 12 with a Ratio spool!
  • With a spool fitted, 10 speed shifters will also be compatible with SRAM 11 speed ratchets
  • Replace a damaged 11 speed cable spool

Note: If you fit the Ratio cable spool to 10 speed shifters, you will be able to fit 11 or 12 speed ratchets. To re-fit the original 10 speed ratchet just replace the original cable spool.

In your kit you will find:

  1. Ratio cable spool
  2. M2.5 screw for shifter disassembly

To use the spool you will need:

  1. SRAM 10 or 11 speed road shifters from the Red™, Force™, Rival™, Apex™ or S Series™ groups.

To fit your spool to SRAM shifters for hydraulic brakes, see the following video. When you remove the red-coloured SRAM spool, replace it with your new black-coloured Ratio spool*:


To fit your spool to SRAM shifters for cable brakes, see the following video. When you remove the red-coloured (11 speed) or white-coloured (10 speed) SRAM spool, replace it with your new black-coloured Ratio spool. Note that an 11 speed shifter is shown, but the process is very similar for 10 speed models*.

NOTE: On some older shifters, the reach adjuster will not spin freely when it bottoms out. Stop turning the reach adjuster screw as soon as you encounter resistance.



*Please note that modifying these components may void the original SRAM warranty. Ratio Technology Limited is in no way linked to SRAM LLC

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.2 × 2.2 cm

To reduce waste we will send orders of over 10 units as bagged kits with one set of instructions rather than individual kit boxes. You can find a PDF of the instructions on our website here . If you have ordered less than 10 kits but would also like to reduce the packaging of your bulk order or have any questions please email us at Equally if you would like the full packaging for orders of 10+ kits drop us a line too.

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