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1 x 12 Wide Ratchet and Cage Kit guide

1×12 wide ratchet and cage

What’s it for?

The 1×12 Wide Ratchet and Cage kit is designed for SRAM 1×11 riders who want the increased range of a 12 speed Eagle-compatible cassette with a minimum of new parts. Instead of replacing a totally functional road 1×11 derailleur with a new Eagle version, simply fit our new Ratio cage kit to increase the sprocket capacity of the derailleur for a wide-range cassette.

What’s in the kit?

This kit includes our 1×12 Wide ratchet for wide-range 12 speed cassettes and a Ratio cage with Ratio jockeys for your SRAM 1×11 rear derailleur. The cage and jockeys are machined by us in the Lakes; the cage is manufactured from 7075 aluminium for strength and weight, and the jockeys are recyclable Delrin plastic for smooth, wear-resistant and quiet operation. Our jockeys run on stainless Enduro bearings with labyrinth seals.

1 x 12 wide ratchet and cage Compatibility:


  1. SRAM Force 1, Rival 1 and Apex 1 (the cage works with Type 2, Type 2.1 and Type 3 clutches)
  2. SRAM 1×11 MTB derailleur with Ratio cable fin
  3. SRAM Apex Eagle with Ratio cable fin
  4. SRAM Apex XPLR with Ratio cable fin


  1. SRAM 11 speed road all models
  2. SRAM 10 speed road (using Ratio Cable Spool)


  1. SRAM Eagle all models
  2. e*Thirteen
  3. Garbaruk
  4. Rotor
  5. Ingrid
  6. Leonardi
  7. SRAM road AXS 12 speed all models (Red, Force, Rival and XPLR)
  8. Shimano 12 speed


  1. SRAM Eagle all models
  2. KMC 12 speed
  3. Shimano 12 speed
  4. SRAM Flattop


  1. Ratio Ring
  2. 1×12 chainrings
  3. 1×11 chainrings
  4. 1×10 chainrings

Green – Recommended

Amber – We’ve tested some of these and, for derailleurs in particular, some options will be an issue. These issues are related to jockey wheel clearance and total derailleur range of movement.

Red – Not recommended

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