1×12 Wide Ratchet


This ratchet allows you to upgrade your 11 speed mechanical SRAM shifters to 12 speed. You can pair your upgraded shifters with a SRAM Exact Actuation™ derailleur and a cassette with Eagle™ sprocket spacing. This is the neatest solution on the market to gaining all the performance advantages of a wide-range 1×12 drivetrain on a gravel, road or touring bike without the expense of electronic shifting.

This product ONLY contains the ratchet. If you require a cable fin too then please see our upgrade kits, 1×12 Upgrade Kit – Forward Cable Exit and 1×12 Upgrade Kit – Rear Cable Exit. For more information on kit compatibility, check our compatibility guide.

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As cyclists, we design the products we want on our bikes. The Ratio 1×12 Wide Ratchet allows you to run a SRAM Exact Actuation™ derailleur 12 speed with your existing SRAM 11 speed road shifters, gaining an unbeatable 500% or 520% range and 12 evenly spaced gears on your gravel, road or touring bike. For reference, a traditional 50/34 compact chainset with 11-28 cassette provides only 374% range.

In your kit you will find:

  1. Ratio 12-speed ratchet, with shift spacing specially designed for Eagle™ cassettes
  2. M2.5 screw for shifter ratchet replacement
  3. Ratio chainstay sticker

To use this kit you will need SRAM 11-speed shifters from the Red™, Force™, Rival™ or Apex™ groups or the 10-speed S-700 shifters.

To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for hydraulic brakes, see the following video*:


To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for cable brakes, see the following video*:

NOTE: On some older shifters, the reach adjuster will not spin freely when it bottoms out. Stop turning the reach adjuster screw as soon as you encounter resistance.



*Please note that modifying these components may void the original SRAM warranty. Ratio Technology Limited is in no way linked to SRAM LLC

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.2 × 2.2 cm

To reduce waste we will send orders of over 10 units as bagged kits with one set of instructions rather than individual kit boxes. You can find a PDF of the instructions on our website here https://ratiotechnology.com/support/ . If you have ordered less than 10 kits but would also like to reduce the packaging of your bulk order or have any questions please email us at info@ratiotechnology.com. Equally if you would like the full packaging for orders of 10+ kits drop us a line too.

Large orders

If you wish to order more than 50 kits please contact us directly via info@ratiotechnology.com

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