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1×12 Wide Upgrade Kit – Forward Cable Exit

This upgrade kit allows you to pair 11 speed mechanical SRAM shifters with a 12 speed SRAM Eagle* derailleur and cassette. This is the neatest solution on the market to gaining all the performance advantages of a wide-range 1×12 drivetrain on a gravel, road or touring bike without the expense of electronic shifting.

You can fit this kit if your chain stay/seat stay cable stop is over 70 mm from the dropout. If it is under 70 mm from the dropout you’ll need the 1×12 Upgrade Kit – Rear Cable Exit. For more information on kit compatibility, check our compatibility guide.

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As cyclists, we design the products we want on our bikes. The Ratio 12-Speed Upgrade Kit allows you to operate a SRAM Eagle* derailleur with your existing SRAM 11-speed shifters, gaining an unbeatable 500% or 520% range and 12 evenly spaced gears on your gravel, road or touring bike. For reference, a traditional 50/34 compact chainset with 11-28 cassette provides only 374% range.

IMPORTANT: To fit this kit your chain stay or seat stay derailleur cable stop must be over 70mm from the centre of the dropout. For those bikes where it is less than 70mm choose our 1×12 Wide Upgrade Kit – Rear Cable Exit.

In your kit you will find:

  1. Ratio 12-speed ratchet, with shift spacing specially designed for SRAM Eagle* cassettes
  2. Ratio cable fin, replacing the existing cable fin on a SRAM Eagle* derailleur
  3. Ratio cable adjuster, providing indexing ability on a mountain bike derailleur
  4. Spare cable fin circlip
  5. M2.5 screw for shifter ratchet replacement
  6. Ratio chainstay sticker

To use this kit you will need:

  1. SRAM 11-speed shifters from the Red*, Force*, Rival* or Apex* groups or the 10-speed S-700* shifters.
  2. A SRAM Eagle* derailleur from the XX1*, X01* or GX* groups. The kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with SX* and NX* derailleurs as the cable fins on these derailleurs are riveted in place.
  3. A SRAM Eagle* 12 speed cassette. We can’t confirm that aftermarket cassettes will perform properly with your drivetrain.
  4. A 12 speed chain for SRAM Eagle* drivetrains.
  5. A 1×12 speed compatible chainring.

All products we offer for sale on our website are Ratio Technology products unless stated otherwise. All third-party products, company names and logos remain the property of their respective holders and use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for hydraulic brakes, see the following video**:


To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for cable brakes, see the following video**:

NOTE: On some older shifters, the reach adjuster will not spin freely when it bottoms out. Stop turning the reach adjuster screw as soon as you encounter resistance.


To fit your cable fin to a SRAM Eagle* derailleur, see the following video**:

* Ratio Technology Limited is not in any way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by SRAM, LLC.

AXS®, DoubleTap®, eTap®, SRAM®,SRAM APEX®, SRAM EAGLE®, SRAM FORCE®, SRAM RED®, SRAM RIVAL®, X0®, X01®, XX1® are registered trade marks owned by SRAM, LLC. Eagle™, Exact Actuation™, GX™, NX™, SRAM APEX 1™, SRAM Force 1™, SRAM RIVAL 1™, S-series™, SX™, WiFLi™, X-Actuation™,  XD™, XDR™, XPLR™, XX™, Zero Loss™ are trademarks of SRAM, LLC.

** Please note that modifying these components may void the original SRAM warranty.

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.2 × 2.2 cm

To reduce waste we will send orders of over 10 units as bagged kits with one set of instructions rather than individual kit boxes. You can find a PDF of the instructions on our website here . If you have ordered less than 10 kits but would also like to reduce the packaging of your bulk order or have any questions please email us at [email protected]. Equally if you would like the full packaging for orders of 10+ kits drop us a line too.

Large orders

If you wish to order more than 50 kits please contact us directly via [email protected]

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16 reviews for 1×12 Wide Upgrade Kit – Forward Cable Exit

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Great product! Works flawlessly! The ratchet was slightly difficult to install, but other than that I am very happy.

  2. ikenway (verified owner)

    Excellent, clean, and functional solution! I usually don’t mess with “conversion kits” at all. Having worked in shops for years, I’ve seen a lot of them that sort of worked, and even some that worked better on some bikes than others (due to differences I’ll not go into here). I had a feeling that this one, with its minimal changes made to the existing system, had to be solid and superior to these others I’ve seen that are a bit too “invasive,” if you will. Well, I was right. Ratio have hit the nail on the head with this product. Great job! I’d recommend this to any rider, at any level. No issues whatsoever as far as function. If you’re a tinkerer, setup should not be a problem; if not, take it to your local bike shop, and they should be able to assemble the kit without any issues whatsoever. Again, I highly recommend this!

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    Amazing kit !
    It worked perfectly fine with SRAM APEX 1X11 shifters and GX rear derailleu and NX cassette ! It’s easy to fit by following the step by step guide in the videos. Very highly recommend indeed!

  4. Chris M (verified owner)

    Been running this for over a year now and the system works great with my apex Hydro R shifters, I have the gear ranges I want and need. Installation looks daunting at first but once you get the shifter out Its really straight forward.
    A couple of advisories.
    You really do need a SRAM cassette/chain combo I tried a Sunrace cassette with a new SRAM chain during the height of the parts shortage and although it was ridable I did get a few ghost shifts when the drivetrain got a little mucky and overall shifting just wasn’t great, swapping back to SRAM (NX 11-50) solved the issue.
    Size your chain properly according to SRAMS specs for hard tail MTB’s and go longer rather than shorter if you find yourself in-between a link, if you make SRAM drivetrains too tight they have a tendency to not want to drop down the cassette very quickly (or at all).

  5. Chad Sageser

    It works better than the stock 11 speed rival shifter. Put it with a X01 10-50 cassette and X01 rear derailure and works flawless. Installed this on my new Ibis Hakka MX love the new range of gears. Thank you So much for making this product for us gravel bike geeks!!

  6. Mathias (verified owner)

    Highly recommended ! I was planning to build my own gravel bike from an aluminum frame with a large clearance for big tires (650x47mm). I ordered the kit and it arrived quickly in Switzerland. The assembly was quite simple (being an almost beginner in mechanics) thanks to the very well made videos ! The gearing is perfect and the 10-52 Eagle cassette allows me to climb almost everywhere. Great job!

  7. christopher c

    Fantastic. Wanted a wide range “Mullet” on my gravel bike for a while but I didn’t like the price tag for E-shifting, nor do I see the point of it on a 1x gravel rig (no advantages for the average rider over mechanical). Install was a little fiddly, but don’t be put off, the shifter internals look complicated but once they are out you quickly see the mechanism is not very complex really (unlike Shimano) and overall it was pretty easy following along with the video. It actually shifts better now than it ever did originally with my Apex leavers. Makes me wish I had gone with SRAM for my road bike build!

  8. james (verified owner)

    Purchased in January. Easy to switch out the 11speed ratchet for the 12 speed. Just follow the video. Great upgrade for my Road/Gravel bike to a mechanical 12 speed with a 10-52 Sram cassette , GX 12 speed derailleur and 12 speed chain. No need to spend $2000.00 + on the Sram electric 12 speed. For me I didn’t want an electric 1X 12 speed anyway. Everything is working as it should and actually shifts as well if not better that my 11speed. Thinking about changing over my other straight gravel bike as well. Fast shipping with great communication. Highly recommended.

  9. Kurtis (verified owner)

    Great product! Installed for my Gravel bike using Sram force 22 shifter, sram force crankset 36t chainring and paired with XO1 52t cassette and derailleur. Super easy gear! The installation was fairly straight forward, just had to take my time and rewatch the video closely. Hardest parts for me was getting the axle through shift mechanism just hard to align hole while under tension and the c-clip for cable fin was a little fiddly trying not to loose clip. But other than that it works great, shifts feel the same as factory 11 speed shifter. I was hesitant on buying this product thinking I could damage my shifter, but so glad I installed it, and wasn’t so intimidating after all. I highly recommend this product, pretty much only option on the market to avoid electronic shifting.

  10. Briain O’Shea (verified owner)

    I bought this kit for my nukeproof digger. It’s awesome. I was a bit worried about taking the shifter apart but the instruction video was really good and made it easy. So I ended up getting this to work keeping my SRAM apex 11 speed derailleur although I was always planning on using an e13 TRS cassette which is a 9-46. I think if you want full eagle 50 teeth you would have to change to a proper 12 speed derailleur. I also didn’t end up using the rear cable exit piece although I think that’s just the way the cable is routed on my frame made it unnecessary. Really happy with this

  11. Patrick Liam Carroll (verified owner)

    Installation video looked daunting, but I gathered the tools and such, gathered my nerves, and just followed the procedure with patience and persistence. The video has clear shots of what’s going on and is a huge help. Now I have to blow mega cash on an Eagle setup. Can’t wait.

  12. Rob Labatt (verified owner)

    Love, love, love my Ratio 12-speed conversion. Simple install and tuning. Just works, out of the box. Ratio customer service is a delight, but if you read the instructions carefully you won’t need them.

  13. Mark (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased with my new 1x 11-46 setup which is perfect for winter road/occasional gravel use. I’ve used a “ztto” cassette from which although a bit of a shot in the dark arrived promptly, works perfectly and well priced at $70. Fits a standard shimano/sram spline. The video guides are super clear so long as you pause and rewind as you go along. Big shout out to Tom for very responsive, extensive detailed advice by email while gathering the components.

  14. Daniel (verified owner)

    It can be a little tricky to get the spindle out of the shifter once at that step, but everything else is a snap. Looking to convert more of my bikes now. I love that I can still use my old 11speed cassette (With it’s chain) after the conversion.

  15. Jeremy Abram (verified owner)

    This kit is brilliant, I’ve done about 150 miles with it now and the shifting is spot on and is running my GX Eagle derailleur perfectly. It’s easy to fit by following the step by step guide in the videos. Very highly recommend indeed!

  16. David

    So stoked!
    The wizards @ratiotechnology made a affordable mullet 12-speed possible.The Installation was a piece of cake. Just follow the steps. The Parts are good quality!
    It shifts smooth and works just fine. A superb Upgrade to my Bike.
    Give the people what they want.
    Mechanical 12-Speed Mullet Drivetrain.

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